Creative Spaces

I believe everyone should have a space in their home that allows them to explore their creativity. My creative space is my balcony, I love nature and being outside and it is so peaceful. I am able to relax out there, reflect on my day and just get my thoughts together. I will often light a candle, grab a glass of wine, and write.


The key to creative spaces is comfort. This will be where you create ideas, meditate, or read, so it has to be comfortable. If you prefer to lay down and think, look into a chaise lounge chair  or a large swivel chair. If you often have company, try a loveseat or two cushion chairs like I have above. Next think about color scheme, I wanted something that was calming so I chose black and white. Then add simple touches like decorations. I kept it simple by adding a decorative rug, lights and a succulent plant (fake). I wanted to put real flowers out but I’m not a fan of bees or wasps so I got a fake plant. It’s important to make this area your own place of peace. What’s your idea of a creative space?

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