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5 Ways to Slay your 2019 Goals

Ways to not renig on yourself or your New Year’s resolutions By Briana Barnes, MSW, LGSW New Year, new you? Maybe, maybe not! But it’s no secret--there’s nothing new about making New Year’s resolutions, and truthfully for a lot of us falling off less than halfway through year has become even more common. There is… Continue reading 5 Ways to Slay your 2019 Goals

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It’s OK to love your 9 to 5

Clocking in and clocking out is the daily life of 86 percent of the US population. Although we live in an era of self-made “bosses” and entrepreneurs, the majority of us still work for large corporations. The American dream used to consist of being a business professional, who went in to an office every day… Continue reading It’s OK to love your 9 to 5