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Wine Down Wednesday’s

Wednesday means you are half way through the week and the weekend is near. Celebrating hump day should be essential to every business professional. I use Wednesday’s to celebrate the small victories I achieved Monday and Tuesday and to help me get through the remainder of the week.

This day can be used to reassess, refocus, and restructure your priorities. If the beginning of the week was not going as planned, you still have a chance at redeeming yourself to end the week strong. Write down your mid-week goals and weekend plans over a glass of wine. Make it a fun activity, go to your local wine store and try something new. Or even try a new cocktail lounge with your friends, and strategize on how to accomplish goals. You never know who in your circle may be able to provide advice for any professional situations you may be dealing with. Sometimes you may just need that glass of wine and a laugh to shake the day off.


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