Pity Party

You going to cry about it or boss up? You wanna do both right? Work is overwhelming, life gets stressful and we think we can handle it all. But sometimes we can’t. When we push ourselves beyond our limit we are bound to break. Today’s Wine Down Wednesday tip is to throw yourself a quick pity party. We all need pity party’s from time to time to take the stress away. If you just want to break down and cry and IT’s OK to CRY!! I always say give yourself a night to get out all of your frustrations and “feel sorry for yourself”.


Get your favorite wine, ice cream, and movie, relax and get all in your feelings. Yes, I just advised you to get all in your feelings. Grab the tissues and cry it out. We have to let go of this “Superwoman” Culture where we have to do everything and be everything to everyone. It’s alright if you don’t always have it together. Express your anger and frustration by journaling about your day and be honest with yourself. Talk about your expectations, what you are upset about, and what you would have changed. Realize that you can’t change your past but you can change your future. Then burn the paper (in a safe environment of course lol). Try to let go of the stress along with it. Now it’s time to boss up. I promise after a few tears and some yelling, you will be like ” I got this, it’s all good”. All of your confidence will start coming back and you will feel relieved.

You are a strong woman, but you are a human. You can do it all but you need to relax. You have feelings, you have emotions and you have to tend to your emotional well being. So be a boss but don’t forget to cry, it’s healthy!

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