Online Shopping: What’s My Size?


I barely ever shop in the mall anymore because online shopping is so much better. More deals, better selection, and no crowds!! I do not like being in crowded places. However, a lot of people complain because they feel like they don’t know how something will fit and don’t want to risk having to send it back. Believe it or not, there is a science to it. Simple mathematics.

Size up the model: Boutiques try to use those overly busty and super shapely girls for all of the pics and try to tell you she is an extra small. We know you lying sis, but anyway check the models measurements and compare your own. If she is smaller than me, of course I order a size up. I also check her bust size. Since I am not as well equipped in that area, I may be able to wear the same size as the model. It just depends on the cut and fabric of the item.

Read the reviews: Reading is fundamental. Reviews have saved me a purchase or two. Usually the reviewer leaves their size, height and weight, which is super helpful when comparing. Find some reviewers similar to your own size and see if the item fits true to size or runs large/small. They may also review the items color, fabric, and durability. Sometimes bright yellow will be neon when you receive it, so it is important to read the reviews and also leave a review if you can.

Compare Similar Items: I am pretty sure you own something similar to what you are buying, most of us have a “style”. Look back into your wardrobe and see what size you wore in a similar item. Also take into account, how long ago you purchased that item because you may have gained or lost weight in that time frame.

It’s not always going to work: I’m usually pretty good at this, but there have been a couple of instances where it didn’t work out. Like 1 in every 30 items, and that may not be accurate, let’s just say it’s pretty rare I need to return something lol. Don’t be discouraged, you need to know how the post office works.

Any tips for finding your size online? Feel free to comment below.