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Finding Love in the ER

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Rowanty J. a 29 year old, full time Emergency Department Nurse, about how she juggles school, work, and trying to manage her single life. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Nursing to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Check out her story below:


How does being a nurse affect your love life?

Personally, I have found that my work hours as a nurse have greatly affected my love life. Most of the men that I have dated, usually work your typical Monday – Friday 8a-5p and no weekends. Meanwhile, I work the nights, 12 hour shifts including weekends which makes it harder for me to meet new people and pursue a normal dating life. On the upside, my job makes me a quick thinker, which helps me spot red flags a bit quicker than most.

Do you feel like you are more critical of who you choose as a potential partner due to the requirements of your job?

I’ve always been very critical of who I date just because I hold a high standard for myself.  I expect so much from myself and expect the same from my potential partner. I would hope my partner would be understanding of my work schedule and be more accommodating. Due to my schedule, dating becomes more interesting and spontaneous! So I definitely need someone who is outgoing and willing to do fun things. I am also an extrovert so I need someone who can bring out the extrovert in me. Also, tall, dark and handsome lol! But most importantly, a man who is family oriented, funny, witty (and must be able to take my sarcasm), and hard working is ideal.


Would you prefer your significant other to be in the same occupation/field as you? Is it easier to meet guys working in the hospital?

Although it would be ideal for me…I don’t want my partner to be in the healthcare field or service profession. Even though it would be easier as far as the scheduling and understanding the stress and demand of the field. I’ve seen some amazing love stories formed between others at work but the hospital I work at currently has no potential bae prospects! I’ve had patients (always the crazy ones) try and talk to me but I can’t cross that boundary, especially knowing I have access to your entire medical record haha!

How would you like someone to approach you if they wanted to get to know you? What is your ideal first date?

I expect every approach to be unique. (No corny pick-up lines fellas lol). My ideal first date would be something casual but also something where I can get to know his personality. Movie dates are a cop out these days, I can’t have a conversation with you while sitting in a theater. I enjoy going out for food/drinks, traveling, shopping and going to concerts.



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